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We provide complete support for meaningful, moving funeral and memorial services that honor the story of your life as you lived it

Our organization was created to take up the burden of making arrangements so that loved ones can focus on making meaning from the life of the person they’ve lost. We specialize in support and logistics for unique, memorable outdoor ceremonies that actively engage guests with the memory of their loved one, and provide a comfortable space to connect and share with the people most affected by their loss.

Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.

Odyssey Model

Telling your story through ceremony

Just as each life is a unique journey, each Odyssey Memorial is a unique event crafted to honor and celebrate a particular person’s memory, and provide comfort to their survivors. The model for the odyssey ceremony, which draws from narrative psychology, consists of three essential elements to provide a framework for orienting people on their own path through grief.

The Journey

Saying goodbye to a loved one should mark an end to the story of your time together in a way that echoes the meaningful activities you shared in life. The ceremonial journey of an Odyssey Memorial; be it a train ride, kayak trip, hike or bike ride, is chosen by you in order to honor the experiences shared with those you love.

The Gathering of Loved Ones

Close friends and family gather in the ceremony, providing them a time and place to share their stories of the deceased. As the gathering proceeds along the journey, the stages of the odyssey ceremony help the group create a shared memory centered on the person they’ve lost.

The Guide

Odyssey ceremonies are led by a guide who knows the route and conducts the gathered loved ones through the stages of the ceremony. Odyssey Memorial Adventures can connect you with a trained Guide, but the role can also be performed by a faith leader, friend or family member according to your wishes.

A group of people gathered at the bluffs
Ladies laughing on a shore

Our Services

We offer comprehensive funeral and memorial planning services, in addition to logistical support for your Odyssey ceremony. We partner with local vendors to support you as you move forward on this journey.

Funeral or Memorial Planning


Burial or Cremation Arrangements

Notices, Authorizations, Permits

Third Party Coordination

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Odyssey Stories


“When we had about half a mile left to go, it did start to rain. At exactly the same time, my brother and I looked at each other and chirped ‘Hoods Up, Loves!’ just like she always did, and we all laughed. It was just the perfect Mom Moment.”

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“It’s very important for me to feel like I have a plan in place for my family. Working with [Odyssey Memorial Adventures] has helped make an uncomfortable process feel very natural and approachable. Thinking about how I’d like them to celebrate my life after I’m gone has also helped me focus on how I want to spend the time with them while I can.”

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“We never had a chance to talk to Sean about what he meant to each of us, so even though as a group we weren’t maybe the most emotional of people, we all kinda had that burning within us. In life, Sean was really the glue that held us all together. Now that he’s gone, we had to find a way to hold ourselves together, and that trip really helped us do that.”

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